Why You need our Intensive Care Paramedics

Chest Pain, What Chest Pain?

4 minutes. That’s all you get.

From the time the coronary arteries finally cry “that’s enough” after years of smoking, high-fat foods and no exercise, you get only 4 minutes from the time your brain is starved of the vital blood your heart SHOULD be pumping till your irreplaceable brain cells start to die. Which means that if you are having a heart attack you need help to arrive QUICK.

But not all heart attacks have the classic crushing chest pain, tingling in the arm, fall-down-and-hit-the-ground warning symptoms…some are COMPLETELY SILENT or have strange, vague or ambiguous symptoms.

Who knows the difference?

The trained Advanced Life Support (ALS) or Intensive Care Paramedic does. Given the patient’s history, and sophisticated tests like ECG Monitoring and, where necessary, a Defibrillator to begin treatment, together with Intravenous Therapy and advanced airway management that goes way past First Aid, CPR survival statistics can be given a helping hand.

Or you could wait 20 minutes for an ambulance to arrive.

Our Paramedics: The Difference between Life and Death? YOU BET!

Shouldn’t Have Eaten that Prawn (Are there Nuts in This?)

Anaphylaxis can kill within 10 minutes, for those severely allergic members of our community for whom nuts or seafood are a virtual death sentence.

Proper treatment involves intravenous and inhalational drug therapy and resuscitation.

An EpiPen may not be enough.

And you can be sure a trip to the Intensive Care Unit is on the agenda, that 20 minutes or so down the track when the ambulance arrives.

Our Paramedics help them survive an Anaphylactic Reaction and be alive when they arrive at a hospital.

My Head Hurts

A rainy winter evening and a patron falls down at your venue. Some blood, some commotion, but will it all be “ALRIGHT ON THE NIGHT”?

Really, that depends…most minor head injuries are a headache and that’s all. But some cause tearing of the veins inside the skull, resulting in internal bleeding, pressure on the brain, swelling, loss of consciousness and rapid death.

Don’t know the difference between the innocuous ones and the dangerous ones? Neither do 99.9% of other people…except our Paramedics.

If their head hurts…take one good Paramedic and they WILL see the morning!!!

Why can’t I feel my Legs?

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) is rare and undeniably horrific.

On or off the sporting field, research shows that the way a potential spinal cord injury is IMMEDIATELY handled after an injury can make the difference between a wheelchair or a normal life.

Specially trained Paramedics with certification in the NeckSafe®  programme in the Acute Management of Spinal Injuries know and practice what to do.

Don’t risk their neck: insist on our NeckSafe® Trained Paramedics.

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