Emergency Response Teams & Complete Solutions

Saving lives. Reducing risk. Controlling costs. Protecting your operations.

At Immediate Assistants Events, these are the over-riding results we deliver our clients.

We provide both bespoke and turn-key support solutions, such as medical staff and emergency response teams, to the resource sector, other high-risk industries and remote operations, working globally in over 30 countries to date.

Immediate Assistants Events is a single source solution for all your Emergency Response needs, providing a complete range of services, systems, equipment, vehicles and personnel to meet the requirements of any operation.

Our services add value to our clients operations by assisting them to address their critical Occupational Health and Legislative requirements that underpin safe operations.

Immediate Assistants Events has internationally experienced medical, emergency response teams and rescue specialists, capable of servicing terrestrial and offshore locations in extremely remote, and typically hostile, environments.

Regardless of whether your site is fixed or mobile, we know how to deal with the challenges you face.

We can help to protect your people and your business, and ensure your operations continue with the minimum of delays.

Such specialist resources mean that wherever your site is located, and whatever the conditions, Immediate Assistants can assure support across the entire spectrum of pre-hospital medical and rescue care.

Immediate Assistants Events paramedics deliver customised client Wellness Programmes to maximize the health and safety of site personnel, further minimising lost time due to injury or sickness.

We deliver Nationally Accredited Training enabling clients to up-skill your site Emergency Response Teams or ensure staff remain up to date with the latest life saving and rescue techniques.

Immediate Assistants Events consultants support our clients in assessing, planning and executing strategies to meet safety and legislative requirements.

Lives, operations and time are not worth risking.

We’re ready to start supporting your operations – immediately.

Our services span several key delivery areas:


  • Paramedics
  • Occupational Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Allied Health Professionals


  • Expert Training
  • Advice
  • Assessments

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