Interstate private paramedic companies operate to different standard than NSW ones.

They cannot provide Intensive Care Paramedic drugs or procedures

(a) Paramedics cannot operate legally unless employed by or contracted to a Paramedic Company.
(b) Paramedic Students cannot operate legally as Paramedics. They are First Aiders (if certified).
(c) There is no such thing as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) qualification recognised by Australian Tertiary Institutions. It is a term imported from the USA to cover first aiders and those without paramedic qualifications.
(d) Paramedic Companies from Victoria cannot operate legally without NSW Health licences.
(e) For a Paramedic to legally work “under a doctor’s direction”, the doctor must by physically present.
(f)  Paramedics from the ACT cannot legally operate to the same protocols and procedures in NSW as they can in the ACT.
(g) In Victoria, Paramedics from Private Paramedic Companies can legally utilise only these 5 medications:

  1. Aspirin
  2. GTN (sublingual)
  3. Glucose Paste
  4. Glucagon
  5. Methoxyflurane

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