Case Study: Reality TV – Survivor

Immediate Assistants defines Medical Services for archetypal Reality TV genre.

Client: Survivor Entertainment Group, CBS Television
Project: Survivor Television Reality TV
Years: 2000-2009
Productions: 18
Commitment: 4 months, twice yearly
Location: Borneo, Australia, Kenya, French Polynesia,  Thailand, Brazil, Panama, Guatemala, China, Palau, Vanuatu, Fiji, Gabon
Facilities: Location Emergency Clinic, Paramedic Response Teams, 4WD Ambulances, Aquatic Ambulance, Medevac Helicopter, International Aeromedical Evacuation (AME)
Staffing: 3 Doctors, 3 Rescue Paramedics, 2 Nurses


Survivor is justifiably regarded as the biggest and best Reality TV show of them all, the category leader and undisputed ratings winner for over 8 years.

Immediate Assistants has provided medicals services since its inception, starting many months before each of the 16 US productions in scouting locations and recommending medical and rescue facilities.

Each production lasts a total of almost 4 months, twice a year, of which 7 weeks are non-stop 24/7 filming and our medical facilities travel to the various countries on a  continuous annual basis.

The total crew and contestant complement is in the vicinity of 500, and up to 2,000 consultations are recorded each production cycle.

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