• “When the going gets tough we rely on Immediate Assistants Events for expert medical cover in remote locations…………….and so should you”

    - Mark Burnett
    - Mark Burnett Executive Producer: “Survivor”, “The Voice”, “The Apprentice”, “Rockstar”, “The Bible”
  • “We have used Immediate Assistants Events for the last decade. Great people, great service and great peace of mind for our productions”

    - Matt Apps
    - Matt Apps Challenge Producer: EndemolShine “The Biggest Loser”
  • “Immediate Assistants Events has provided excellent paramedic and risk management services to ANZ Stadium for over 15 years. I would strongly recommend them”

    Sue Max
    Sue Max Venue Manager: ANZ Stadium 123
  • "I would like to thank Immediate Assistants Events for your involvement in the NRL’s 2016 Player Dedicated Paramedic Policy by providing your services in the form of Paramedics (including an ICP) and equipment."

    Dr. Paul Bloomfield
    Dr. Paul Bloomfield Chief Medical Officer, National Rugby League Limited
  • "We are delighted with Immediate Assistants Events. All the members of your team were polite, professional, effective and provided rapid and excellent medical support for our patrons, including one who suffered a heart attack."

    Tony Harris
    Tony Harris Venue Manager, Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust
  • "It is with much pleasure that I send you this in the name of Governor Marcelo de Carvalho Miranda, we thank all your Survivor production crew, especially your Immediate Assistants Events medical and paramedic crew, for the quick assistance given to one of our members of the State Government and the other people on board the plane that crashed on November 7th near the town of Mateiros, Tocantins. The assistance, promptness to respond and quick medical care were fundamental in preserving the lives of the passengers."

    Luize Antonio da Rocha
    Luize Antonio da Rocha Chief‐Secretary of the Governors Gabinete
  • "It was wonderful to have Feathers back on deck. Brian and Bob are such lovely people as well and they very quickly learnt their way around Ellerston and fit in with how the tournament operates. These tournaments are very reliant on the professional assistance/treatments required from the Immediate Assistants Events paramedics and they never disappoint."

    Sue Finn
    Sue Finn Manager, Ellerston Polo Administration
  • "Your team did a wonderful job in a difficult environment and from the Stadium’s perspective, the coordination of all aspects of the response was seamless and integrated between the stakeholders."

    Sue Max
    Sue Max Stadium Manager March 10 Adele Concert, 2017
  • “Our relationship with Immediate Assistants Events has benefitted Curragh by providing emergency response capability to help ensure production is not interrupted. The broad range and professional services offered by Immediate Assistants is unique and not available elsewhere in such a coordinated, reliable and cost-effective manner.”

    Simon Bourke
    Simon Bourke Manager Health Safety Environment and TrainingWesfarmers Curragh Mine Pty Ltd

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