Expecting The Unexpected

One vital element often overlooked when planning an event is anticipating the medical risks associated with the staging of that event.

Adopting an “it will never happen here” attitude is no longer good enough. As Australia is becoming a more litigious society, every company sponsor, event organiser and venue is exposed to a higher level of risk and responsibility than ever before.

Planning ahead can save a life

Effective Medical Risk Management incorporates anticipating incidents and preparing appropriately for them, especially response times to serious illness or injury. In the case of a heart attack, Advanced Life Support must be available within 4-6 minutes to save a life. An ambulance typically takes 12-20 minutes to arrive on scene.

Effective Medical Risk Management involves assessing the risks associated with an event and venue. Working in partnership with clients to ensure appropriate medical, safety and security risk management are provided for any event, venue or production. These services are tailored to each client based on a number of variables, from the number of spectators to the type of activities and so forth.

How Immediate Assistants can contribute to your event

The role of the Immediate Assistants Events medical team is to provide protection for all those involved, on a time continuum which usually begins many months before the event and finishes well after it.

Liaison with a broad range of people and services is required. These include:

  • Government and Local Authorities
  • Event Organisers
  • Event Promoters
  • Governing Bodies/Statutory Authorities
  • Circuit owners/management
  • Event Officials
  • Ambulance Services, Police and Fire Brigade
  • Local Public and Private hospitals
  • Specialist Hospitals (Neurosurgical, Spinal, Burns)
  • Medical Evacuation Helicopter Services
  • Insurers

Immediate Assistants Events is the vital link between all these groups, and takes the guess-work out of the Medical preparation for an event.

As the coordinator of the complete range of medical services, Immediate Assistants Events is the important liaison between the medical and non-medical elements of event management.

No event is too small:

  • Corporate Days Sports Days
  • Private Functions Charity Events
  • Major Public Events Fairs & Fetes
  • Marathons/Triathlons Concerts

Join the growing list of responsible companies, organisations and individuals that are minimising the risks and maximising the potential to respond if things go wrong.


Immediate Assistants Events is at the forefront of venue medical management, developing sophisticated, computerised medical database systems for use in Australia and overseas which ultimately provide the full gamut of information that a venue may require at the time of an incident and into the future.

One of our long-standing clients, the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust, has documented over 30 life and limb-saving interventions and estimate their legal liability has been reduced by over $250,000 thanks to the superior level of medical services and documentation provided by Immediate Assistants.

Evaluating Medical infrastructure

In preparing for the unexpected, Immediate Assistants Events has the experience within domestic, interstate and overseas Medical systems necessary to evaluate and involve the Medical infrastructure applicable to the venue or event. Sometimes it is necessary to have rapid access to specialised services that are available in hospitals.

Local Public and Private Hospitals are also visited and the facilities noted. Where specialised services such as Neurosurgical, Spinal Injury and Burns Units are not present nearby, those more distant hospitals are included in the event preparation, and suitable transport arrangements pre-empted.

Quite often, it is a Private Hospital resource that is required for the attention to major sporting personalities and Immediate Assistants can guarantee that privacy, diplomacy and decorum are maintained at all times.

The co-operation of all these medical facilities are essential to any major event, and the special role which Immediate Assistants Events can play in this area is vital.

Medical Personnel

Working from a well equipped clinic or mobile location, our medical teams of doctors, paramedics and nurses, with specialized skills in pre-hospital care, provide prompt on-scene treatment for staff, patrons and VIP’s at events and venues. Immediate Assistants Events staff are experienced, registered and current Medical professionals, skilled in the implementation of overall safety and medical risk mitigation strategies.

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