Case Study: Adventure Race – Discovery Channel Eco Challenge

Immediate Assistants has set the standard for Emergency Response Medical Services by which all other Adventure Races are judged.

Client: Eco Challenge Productions, Discovery Channel, USA Network
Project: Eco Challenge Productions, Multisport Adventure Race
Years: 1997-2003
Productions: 6
Commitment: 2 months, annually
Location: Borneo, Australia, Morocco, Argentina,  Fiji, New Zealand
Facilities: Mobile Emergency Clinics, Paramedic Response Teams, 4WD Ambulances, Aquatic Ambulance, Medevac Helicopter, International Aeromedical Evacuation (AME)
Staffing: 4 Doctors, 4 Rescue Paramedics, 4 Rescue Specialists, 4 Physiotherapists, 4 Nurses

The Eco Challenge defined Adventure Sport in the late 90’s, with over 350 contestants attempting a multi-discipline course across nearly 500 kilometres of rugged terrain.

Disciplines include orienteering, trekking, mountain biking, ascending and descending fixed ropes, sea and river kayaking, canoeing and country-specific speciality skills as varied as river-rafting and camel riding.

Immediate Assistants’ teams comprise two mobile field hospitals along the course, leapfrogging along the race route and 4 mobile Medical/Rescue teams based in 4WD vehicles, response boats and Medevac helicopters.

Over 2,000 consultations and responses each show, with nearly 500 competitors, crew and media in attendance from as many as 15 countries.

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