Safety Risk Assessment

Delivering effective systems, structures, capabilities and compliance

The Immediate Assistants Events Safety Risk Assessment and Planning services assist in delivering effective systems, structures and capabilities which enable you to minimise the impact of emergency incidents and comply with your legislative and safety obligations.

Safety Risk Assessment

Immediate Assistants Events consultants provide insightful safety risk assessments of your emergency response and medical needs, as well as detailed training and preparedness support across your entire organisation or individual operations.

Our consultants specialise in Incident and Crisis Management Team (IMT/CMT) preparation, training, evaluation, exercising and debriefing.

With over twenty years experience working in remote and challenging environments, our team of consultants can evaluate and assess your needs across the full spectrum of your operations, ensuring you have the knowledge and tools which empower you to make the right decisions.

Understanding your operating environment, Immediate Assistants Events can develop policies, procedures and plans, as well as provide the required services that allow your organisation to respond appropriately across a range of situations.

Safety Risk Assessment and capability planning services can address the following areas:

  • Emergency Response and Rescue requirements and capabilities
  • Medical Response requirements and capabilities
  • Emergency Response Plan review and development
  • Incident Management and Crisis Management Testing
  • Clinical Operations Auditing and Medical Protocol / Procedure Monitoring
  • Repatriation and Evacuation Assessment
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing review

Services and deliverables include:

  • Auditing and testing of Emergency and Crisis Management systems
  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP) Development
  • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Plans (MERP)
  • Onsite Medical and Emergency Response Services
  • Remote Site Medical Clinic Services
  • Pre-employment and ongoing Medical Examinations
  • Clinical Management Systems
  • Second Opinion Services

A thorough safety risk assessment and ongoing management, training and testing is an important aspect to the day to day running of your organisation.

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