Case Study: Reality TV – The Biggest Loser

Immediate Assistants defines Medical Care for the biggest productions.

Client: FremantleMedia, Network TEN Television
Project: The Biggest Loser Reality TV
Years: 1995-2014
Productions: 9
Commitment: 4 months
Location: Sydney, New Zealand, Los Angeles
Facilities: Fixed Emergency Clinics, Paramedic Response Teams, 4WD Ambulances.
Staffing: 1 Doctor, 2 Paramedics, Sports Specialist, Physiotherapist, Podiatrist, Masseur, Pathology, Psychology, Nutrition.

Reality TV gets no bigger than “The Biggest Loser”

Big people bring big problems, requiring 24/7 monitoring and special considerations for physical challenges.

Up to 20 contestants battle to lose weight and gain healthy fitness over 4 months of gruelling exercise and competitor with each other.

Up to 6 months post-elimination follow-up.

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